How To Migrate Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music

How To Migrate Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music

Google Play Music is dead, long live YouTube Music!

For ages, Google has been running a music player/streaming service called Play Music. Most people though barely used the streaming service, choosing to only use the app as a music player.

Another group of people utilised the ability to upload their own music files and have unlimited access to them from  anywhere provided there was an internet connection.

As part of efforts to rebrand and streamline its streaming services, Google launched YouTube Music as a successor to Play Music, but both services have been on together.

Google recently announced though that Play Music will be going away at the end of the year, and that got a few people sad because of their online libraries that may or may not have taken a lot of time to put together. 

How To Migrate Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music

Many would be wondering how to migrate their Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music as it probably took ages to build it up. Transferring your library has thankfully been made very easy. Simply follow these two steps:

  1. Download the YouTube music app or visit
  2. On the website click the “transfer” button at the bottom of the page, while on the app, go to the “settings” menu and select “transfer from google play music”

Once you start the transfer, it would take anything from a few seconds to a few days to migrate all your content (uploads, purchases, playlists, stations, likes, dislikes, albums, songs), depending on how much you have. You will receive an email and a mobile notification once the transfer is complete.

While it is fairly certain that everything will be moved, any content no longer available on YouTube music won’t be available anymore. Your billing information and subscriptions will also be transferred to YT Music as well. Sweet!

So what do you think? Is YouTube Music the streaming upgrade Google sorely needed? What’s your experience with the new app been like so far and which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this with those who might find it useful.

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