5 Best Ways To Fix A Faulty Samsung S Pen

5 Best Ways To Fix A Faulty Samsung S Pen

The S Pen has been a key differentiating factor of the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup which has now been rolled into the Galaxy S line as the Ultra Member of the family. 

The S Pen is a big factor among what makes the Galaxy S Ultra “Ultra”, with enabling features like air gestures, screen-off memos, screen write, smart select, remote control, etc.

It’s a piece of hardware that Samsung Galaxy Note diehards swear by, and one that you don’t realise you miss till you get used to it, and then it suddenly stops working. Here we will explore the 5 best ways to fix a faulty Samsung S Pen

Causes of S Pen Malfunction

5 Best Ways To Fix A Faulty Samsung S Pen

S Pen malfunctions could be caused by a number of issues, ranging from simple to annoying and expensive.

Screen protector may be too hard or too thick. The surface of the screen protector could also be dirty or uneven. 

The S Pen tip or the entire pen itself may be damaged in some way. The device screen itself may also be damaged, or it could be a simple software bug.

5 Best Ways To Fix A Faulty Samsung S Pen

  1. Reboot your device. In most cases, a simple reboot is all it takes to fix issues like this.
  1. Remove screen protectors or third party cases. Some screen protectors may be too thick, too hard, or just incompatible with the S Pen. Also, some cases may contain magnets or something else that interferes with the S Pen functionality.
  1. Check the S Pen settings. It could be that you unknowingly disabled the pen or messed up one of the settings. You might also try resetting the S Pen from the settings as well.
  1. Replace the tip of the S Pen or the Entire S Pen. In some cases, the malfunction may be as a result of wear and tear on the part of the S Pen. 

To fix this, use the S Pen removal tool, if you own one, and swap the tip for a new one as indicated  in the following images.

       If the Problem is the entire S Pen, then you’ll just have to get a new one.

  1. Perform a factory reset of your Galaxy device. If you try a simple reboot, and are sure it’s not a hardware issue, you might as well try a factory reset on your device. Don’t forget to backup your important files and other stuff first.

If all else fails, you might do well to contact Samsung customer service for further assistance, or take the device to a licensed care centre.

One of these solutions should definitely help get your beloved S Pen functionality back. Kindly share with someone who might find it useful, or let us know if you did. Cheers.

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