iPhone 15 Series Launch: All You Need To Know

iPhone 15 Series Launch: All You Need To Know

The Apple product cycle has come full circle again, and here we are in September awaiting another product launch.

We have scoured the internet to bring you all the  information on the upcoming iPhone 15 series launch and all you need to know.

Launch Date

Apple already put out an invitation to its launch event on the 12th of September, where we should be seeing the announcement of the iPhone 15 series and probably a few more products.

Expected Specifications

iPhone 15 Series Launch: All You Need To Know

Talking specs, we should see the standard iphone 15s come with basically the same screens as last year. Meaning 6.1” and 6.7” amoleds for the 15 and 15 plus respectively, but they’ll both finally leave the notch behind for the dynamic island.

Unfortunately, both base iphone 15 screens will still be running at 60Hz which, at this point, is straight up disappointing considering phones that cost even less than a third of the iphone’s price are coming with at least a 90Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 15 Series Launch: All You Need To Know

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will feature similar sized screens as the base models, but with much better LTPO AMOLED tech running at 120Hz, and probably a bump in brightness. All phones will have slimmer bezels.

The base iPhone 15s will feature last year’s A16 processor, which is still plenty fast even today, while the 15 Pros will feature AApple’s latest A17 processor, built on TSMC’s 3nm node.

For memory configurations, the base iPhone 15s will feature 6GB RAM and 128/256/512GB storage options, the Pros bump the RAM up to 8GB with an added 1TB storage tier.

iPhone 15 Series Launch: All You Need To Know

The cameras see minimal changes, with all 4 phones coming with the same 12MP selfie camera in front.

On the back they all feature the same 48MP wide and 12MP ultra wide sensors from last year, with the Pros adding a 12MP zoom camera to the mix. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will  finally bring a periscope zoom lens to Apple’s lineup. Took them long enough.

Talking build, all 4 iPhones should come with some sort of reinforced glass protection for the front and back (who knows what they’ll be called this year) and a metal frame holding it together.

The frame on the base 15 models will be aluminium, while the 15 Pros will switch from stainless steel to a  titanium frame.

All 4 iPhones will feature Ultra Wide Band tech, faster charging, up to 35W for the Pro phones, Satellite connectivity, battery capacity bumps, and the long serving silent switch is getting replaced with an action button.

iPhone 15 Series Launch: All You Need To Know

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will come with 3,877mAh and 4,912mAh batteries respectively while the Pros will come with 3,650mAh and 4,852mAh batteries for the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. So expect very solid battery endurance all through.

And for the big one, Apple has finally folded, thanks to The EU, and all 4 iPhones will launch with USB Type C ports. Expect Apple to highlight this “innovation” despite the fact that they were forced to do it.

Colours will be black, white, yellow, blue, and coral for  the base 15s, while the Pros will come in black, grey, silver, and dark blue.


Expected launch prices for the series are $799 and $899 for the base 15 models, while the Pros start at $999 and $1199. This indicates a $100 price increase for the iPhone 15 Pro Max compared to last year, while the rest of the line-up will hopefully not see any increases.

That rounds up all we know about the upcoming iPhone 15 series. Tell us, what are you most excited to see? For us it’ll be the long overdue Type C ports and that periscope cam.

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